XRAY’s “This Is Cannabis” Discusses the Science of Weed In Terms Everyone Can Understand

(Christine Dong)

(Christine Dong)

By Lauren Yoshiko

(Courtesy of the Willamette Week)

Cannabis has hit the Portland airwaves.

This Is Cannabis is the latest addition to XRAY's Thursday evening lineup, making it the first FM radio show in Portland devoted entirely to weed. Hosted by Lee Henderson of HiFi Farms and cannabis science educator Emma Chasen, the premise is straightforward: Henderson and Chasen welcome different guests each week, discussing their place in the industry and what challenges they face. They touch on various of-the-moment topics in a sort of state of cannabis report from guests like activist and chef Aminah Leary and cannabis lawyer Amy Margolis, founder of female entrepreneurial incubator the Initiative.

As a cannabis science phenom and Brown University graduate of plant medicine science, Chasen inevitably clears up a botanical myth or two each episode, like the inaccurate categorization of indica versus sativa strains. None of that is particularly revelatory—smart cannabis discussions with real scientists are par for the course in our state's sophisticated cannabis scene. But what truly makes This Is Cannabis important listening is when the lab coats come off and frank, open conversations about controversial and lesser-known issues begin.

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