Inside HiFi Farms: Portland's Cannabis And Music Hybrid


By Katrina Nattress

(Courtesy of The Culture Trip)

Just outside of Portland’s bustling city life is a 50-acre green oasis. A marijuana oasis, to be exact. HiFi Farms, a full-fledged cannabis cultivation facility spanning farther than eyeshot, sits on a former 1940s dairy farm property. Since its creation in 2015, the company boasts national recognition as one of the most established medical marijuana companies in the country. With 10 onsite greenhouses and a large indoor room, the Hillsboro, OR-based farm prides itself on being Clean Green Certified and Phylos Certified. But HiFi Farms is unique in its existence, seeking to stand out from other budding cannabis companies, making it a hub not just of cannabis but of music, too.

When Oregon legalized the use of medical marijuana and shops began popping up in 2016, a standout organization seemed implausible among the masses. HiFi Farms needed a particular draw in order to survive in a post-legalization Portland. Luckily, its four founders had a passion that pairs nicely with weed: music.

“We wanted to be a little different, and really do something that felt authentic to our passions and experience,” founder Lee Henderson said. “Several of us were formerly in the music business. We chose the HiFi look and feel accordingly, making playlists for social media consumption, partnering with musicians on projects and experiences, and thinking of ourselves almost as a record label — and the strains we grow as our artists.”

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