See How HiFi Farms Grows Cannabis in Living Organic Soil

An Inside Look at HiFi Farms

HiFi Farms is a top competitor in Oregon’s cannabis market. After CEO Sara Batterby completed a $3 million fundraising round, the company set to work doing they do best – growing great marijuana.

I had the opportunity to tour the HiFi farm and see what they are up to, where they are going, and how they are becoming a leading cannabis producer. The community’s excitement around their business is well deserved. 

HiFi believes that nature has the perfect growing systems all figured out, and by emphasizing the best aspects of those organic systems they can produce top of the line harvests. They are Clean Green Certified, grow in living organic soil, and have a keen eye towards the future of cannabis and agriculture.

After arriving at their facility, a gorgeous parcel of farmland 45 minutes west of Portland, I was greeted by the growing crew and a team of friendly dogs. Everyone there appeared to work as a high functioning cohesive unit aimed towards a grand goal. 

Living Soil Greenhouse Cannabis Cultivation

In this greenhouse are eight unique strains in their first week of flower.

 C.K. Koch is the Lead Cultivator, and he showed us around their current setup. HiFi’s medical grow is in a temporary greenhouse entirely open to the elements. It is essentially a hoop house, and even though it was a bit cold during my visit, the plants couldn’t have looked happier. 

CK totally babies his plants, and they have matured into some incredible crops. His pest management game is on point, through combined slow release predatory mites and soil specific pest mitigation methods. It is clear that CK understands the Art of War in his greenhouse pest management program.

HiFi Farms Organic Soil Management

I wanted to dig into the gold of their operation, the soil. Those are some dank plants, guys! So what the hell are they doing with their soil?

 HiFi does not grow plants, Hifi grows soil, and the soil grows their plants. The grower’s job is to just help the plants along.

From my conversation with CK, I gleaned that they use a combination of healthy compost, biochar, mineral mixes, malted barley, bokashi, and many applications of compost tea. CK recycles their soil, so the same soil I saw during my visit will be used 20 years from now. And it’s only going to get better with age.

As a long time organic grower, CK knows his way around soil mixing. He believes deeply in diversity and natural cycles, willing to test out new techniques for both fun and profit. CK shared that some local legends have also provided invaluable knowledge, including Clackamas Coot, who recently visited the farm.

hifi-farms-soil-768x576 (1).jpg

The Future of Agriculture – Sustainable Soil

The spirit of Hifi is that they are executing on a vision that is bigger than themselves. And they are right to think so. Long term, HiFi believes that the large investments and innovation in the cannabis industry will lead to a better and more efficient agricultural system. And when those efficiencies are brought to scale, organic farming methods will be cheaper and more available for all sorts of growers, not just cannabis cultivators.

HiFi’s next challenge is to make living organic soil work on a commercial scale. Their investment in high tech systems which integrate with biodynamic soil growing will likely result in some of the best cannabis on dispensary shelves.

Look for their product next time you are out shopping for high quality buds! They are in all major dispensaries around Portland and throughout the state of Oregon.

(Courtesy of AgZar)

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