Oregon's HiFi Farms Pairs Bud to Beats

In my family, growing up, weed and vinyl were our daily bread and butter. In fact, there were a few years there that my dad converted "our" record collection into furniture—pretty much all of our furnishings were record-crate-based from, oh, '79-'82, I'd say.

Because, really, why would you spend perfectly good money purchasing a new living room set when you have dozens of perfectly sturdy Peaches Records wooden crates at your disposal? And, bonus, then you use that hard-earned money to buy more records for "our" collection?

On a related note, please bear with me.

Several years ago, I heard a music interview with Stephen Malkmus on this German radio station. In the interview, they asked about his life today and if he took his kids to his shows? And he said something so interesting, something to the effect of, No, because rock shows aren't really a place for kids in his view.

Having been raised at rock shows, I completely appreciated his sentiment. But see, the thing is, I kinda feel that way about the 1970s, in general, like that entire decade and a huge chunk of the 1980s too, to be fair. Don't get me wrong: we had great times, my family, absolutely. No regrets. That said, it was no time or place to raise children.

Sorry. Point is, I've always been interested in that particular relationship: that is, music and weed; how other people see it; approach it; think and feel . . .. Vibe, I suppose.

Which is why I asked Hifi Farms' Lee Henderson if he would be so kind as to curate a special playlist for me—one with songs and strain suggestions. Pairing bud and beats, as it were.

Just thought it'd make an interesting experiment in house music, and learn a little more about the fine folks of Hifi. Thankfully, and most gratefully, Lee agreed: WeedHorn Playlist.


Even better, he shared some of his thinking on this particular selection he's pulled together for us all. Please enjoy.

Jumping' Jack Flash — People Have The Power. Upbeat rock n' roll. Daytime strutting, getting shit done. Best paired with our Island Sweet Skunk, Cinex, Orange Crush, Sour Tangie, J1.

Modern Girl — Jesus, etc. The middle part of the day. Mellow rock n' roll. For welcome results, pair with Blue Frost, Grape Ape, Critical Kush.

Lived In Bars — Heroes.* The final third of the succession. After-dinner relaxation. Enjoy with Gorilla Glue #4, Critical Mass, Medihaze.

*Crying during David Bowie's 'Heroes' is not only acceptable, it's expected. RIP.


Lee, I gotta tell you, my dad's gonna love this game. Again, thanks so much for playing. CE

(Courtesy of Weedhorn)

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