Photos from Weed the People

What a day! Thank you for coming out to make history with us at Friday's Weed the People event! It was hot, the lines were certainly longer than we had anticipated, but you remained calm and hung in there with us. We are so grateful for your patience and perseverance during this groundbreaking event. We learned a great deal at our first cannabis event, and you can expect much bigger and better parties from us in your future. We want to give special thanks to all of our staff, vendors, sponsors and growers, as well as our many volunteers worked so many hard hours to make this happen. Thank you all and we will see you again very soon!!

And as further proof you were part of a one-of-a-kind history making event, Weed the People was covered by news organizations from all over the globe, including The Guardian and Al Jazeera! YOU'RE FAMOUS! 

Check out these pictures from this year's Weed the People, and once again thanks for making Portland a place where crazy shit like this can actually happen!

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