'This Is Cannabis' Now Available On Apple Podcasts!

Episode I: The Truth About The Indica & Sativa | Advice For Visiting Your Neighborhood Dispensary

Portland, OR - 'This Is Cannabis,' the new show from XRAY.FM, is now available through the Apple podcast app.

Hosted by HiFi Farms founder Lee Henderson, cannabis science educator Emma Chasen, and industry activist Aminah Leary, 'This Is Cannabis' promises to take an insider look at the Oregon weed scene each week, focusing on science and culture and featuring guests from all over the industry. 

'This Is Cannabis' airs Thursday evenings at 7pm.

About the hosts:

Emma Chasen is a Brown graduate with a degree in Medicinal Plant Research. Formerly the Director Of Education at the venerable Portland cannabis dispensary Farma, Emma is now an industry consultant and educator who’s been nationally recognized as an expert in the field.

Aminah Leary is a Portland native who, after living in Atlanta for a decade, returned in 2017 both to pursue her dream of cannabis business ownership and to advocate for restorative justice and equity for black and brown people in the industry.

Lee Henderson is one of the founders of HiFi Farms, a craft cannabis company located just outside of Portland. Established in 2014, Lee is HiFi's brand and communications officer as well as a business development executive.


Lee Henderson