Sponsor of XRAY.fm

Hifi Farms is incredibly proud to announce our underwriting sponsorship of XRAY.fm. Like Hifi, XRAY is a values-driven organization that seeks "truth, a better community… and fun."

XRAY’s mission is to hold a microphone up to the best and most distinctive of Portland, to build a culturally relevant center for ideas, music, and creativity in service of a more open media and a more just community.

XRAY’s programming is a progressive blend of talk and music that amplifies the sounds and reflects the values of our city. Music is delivered by 80+ of Portland’s own DJs, respected promoters and record label owners, lauded local musicians, and other assorted music geeks. Talk programming features local thinkers, comedians, journalists, and commentators.

Hifi Farms would especially like to thank Jefferson Smith and Jené Etheridge for their hard work towards this effort and their warm embrace of our humble company. They have been an absolute pleasure to work with, truly.

Please enjoy this Guest Playlist from the aforementioned Jené & her DJ partner Shira, also known as the ‘Everyday Mixtapes’ crew. If you dig what you hear (and you will), catch their show every Monday at 2pm for carefully curated Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, Soul, Funk, Afro-beat, and “whatever else they feel like playing.”

Radio is yours. XRAY.fm and Hifi Farms are honored to bring you some.


A registered Oregon nonprofit, XRAY.fm relies on individual, foundation, private and public support. To become a member of XRAY, click the donate link here: http://xray.fm/info/donate