Introducing Our New Lead Cultivator, Wally Daniel


Portland, OR - Introducing our new Lead Cultivator, Wally Daniel.

Wally is a trained scientist, and has run cannabis operations in both California and Oregon. He describes his method as “part permaculture, part biodynamics, a special splash of microbes –  all rooted in a backbone of horticulture.”

Wally earned a B.S. in Biology from the College of Charleston where he studied botany, ecology, cellular processes and chemistry, and was an Honors graduate. After a few years working as a field scientist for The Nature Conservancy, he earned his M.S. from Stony Brook University in New York where he studied biogeochemistry and seasonal trace mineral cycling. #Science!

“I’m a soil microbiology romanticist – that’s a thing, right?”

In addition to his new position at HiFi, Wally runs Looking-Glass House + Farm with his wife Audrey on their 5 acre farm in Forest Grove. Interested in boutique, organic, cut flowers? Check them out:  

Wally is, of course, taking the reigns from HiFi Farms Co-Founder Richard Vinal, who departed the company last month after four years of service. Don’t worry, Richard, the farm is in amazing hands.