HiFi Farms To Co-Host 'The Road To Interstate Cannabis Export' Event With The Craft Cannabis Alliance, Others

CCA Export Tour - Flyer_portland_text.jpg

HiFi Farms is proud to join the Craft Cannabis AllianceEast Fork CultivarsQuillScissortail Farms, and The Caputo Group to co-host 'The Road To Interstate Cannabis Export' event on Thursday, September 13th at Coalition Brewing. This event will be from 5pm - 8pm. Event details HERE.

The Oregon cannabis industry is in crisis. Hundreds of millions of dollars in local capital is at risk of being wiped out for no good reason. Too-late license limits won't save us. Canopy limits won't save us. In fact, none of the regulatory "fixes" being discussed will save us.

And waiting around for the Federal Government to proactively give us permission has never been a winning strategy in cannabis reform.


We need to legalize interstate cannabis export - and open new markets for our world-class cannabis products AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. That effort starts with changing Oregon law, and it starts NOW!

Join us for an evening of conversation and action, where we will present an industry-wide sign-on letter, and lay out the road to licensed export within two years. We will be joined by special guest Jesse Peters from C21 Investments as well as Adam Smith.

Read more about this movement here. See you on the 13th!