HiFi Farms Cannabis Is Phylos Certified


Just one of the many, many issues resulting from the historic, misbegotten illegality of cannabis in the US is that — due to decades of underground breeding — cultivators and consumers alike cannot always reliably identify the cannabis they're interacting with. Strain names and information remain inconsistent, subject to a game of “Telephone” that may stretch back to the Nixon Administration, and the result has been unpredictability and confusion in the marketplace.

HiFi Farms is proud to be joining Phylos Certified in combatting this problem.

Brought to you by Phylos Bioscience, the country’s preeminent cannabis research company, Phylos Certified is a revolutionary new program that gives producers like HiFi the ability to create DNA fingerprints of our inventory to guarantee product identity throughout the supply chain.

The end goal is all about transparency, consistency, and stability — from patients in need of reliable medicine, to moms looking for a repeatable way to unwind, to Live At HiFi Farms event goers seeking elevated experiences.

HiFi Farms is incredibly proud of the unique strains of cannabis we produce. We are therefore so excited to be joining with the amazing Phylos team to finally bring scientific verification of those strain genetics — and an end to the “Telephone” game — to you.

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