HiFi Farms Best Of 2016 Roundup

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2016 was obviously a bittersweet year for many, including us here at HiFi Farms.

We did experience some incredible moments amidst all of the fear and loathing, however, and as such we thought we'd highlight some of them for you here.

We hope you enjoy.

☞ Sara Batterby: 'The Feminine Art of Fundraising' http://dld.bz/fpb6c

☞ Justin Townes Earle Live At Hifi Farms http://dld.bz/fjnNh

☞ Brunch with Congressmen Earl Blumenauer http://dld.bz/fpbMt (via Instagram)

☞ 'Sara Batterby Ventures Into Cannabis' http://dld.bz/fpbJ2 (via Oregon Business Magazine)

☞ The view from Hifi Farm http://dld.bz/fpezd (via Instagram)

☞ Oregon cannabis professionals raise $4k for Representative Ann Lininger http://dld.bz/fpbJA

☞ Sara Batterby w/ Senator Jeff Merkley http://dld.bz/fpbNM (via Instagram)

☞ 'A little disco barn basketball' http://dld.bz/fpebx (via Instagram)

☞ Hifi Farms Names the Meriwether Group as Business Advisor http://dld.bz/fpbVk

☞ Hifi Farms Joins Resource Innovation Institute's Indoor Agriculture Energy Summit http://dld.bz/fpbVy

☞ 'The future approaches' http://dld.bz/fpbWy (via Instagram)

☞ 'Clean Green Certification & Sustainable Growing' by Richard Vinal, COO/Hifi Farms http://dld.bz/fpbXD

☞ 'LED Technology' http://dld.bz/fpez2 (via Instagram)

☞ '5 Questions for Meriwether Group's CEO on Partnering With a Potentially $100M Cannabis Business' http://dld.bz/fpbUK (via Portland Business Journal)

☞ '4/20 has got us feeling like...' http://dld.bz/fpbXT (via Instagram)

☞ 'Living Soil, & the Cannabis Community' by Richard Vinal, COO/Hifi Farms http://dld.bz/fk8yE

☞ Live At Hifi Farms 'Save the Giant Sequoias' Benefit http://dld.bz/fpcd6 (via Portland Mercury)

☞ 'We visited the gorgeous new Serra Cannabis downtown' http://dld.bz/fpcha (via Instagram)

☞ 'Meet The Oregon Cannabis Brand w/ $100m Potential' http://dld.bz/fpchr (via Portland Business Journal)

☞ Hifi Farms co-founder Cristian Koch, Labor Day Weekend http://dld.bz/fpezH (via Instagram)

☞ Hifi Farms Proud to Announce Collaboration w/ Portland Made http://dld.bz/fceBq

☞ 'Look who showed up at Pickathon 2016!' http://dld.bz/fpch6 (via Instagram)

☞ Proud to co-host Yes For Affordable Homes benefit w/ Nathan Howard of East Fork Farms http://dld.bz/fpenB (via Instagram)

☞ 'Oregon's Hifi Farms Pairs Buds To Beats' http://dld.bz/fpchF (via WeedHorn Media)

☞ Introducing Hifi Farms' new CFO, Andrew Hunzicker http://dld.bz/fpchQ

☞ 'Amazing thanks to FuturePAC for visiting Hifi Farm' http://dld.bz/fpcs8 (via Instagram)

☞ Sara Batterby Named to the Resource Innovation Institute's Board of Directors http://dld.bz/eTjYX

☞ 'Nikita demonstrates how to clone at Hifi Farms' http://dld.bz/fpezN (via Instagram)

☞ 'See How Hifi Farms Grows Cannabis In Living Organic Soil' http://dld.bz/eVqRt (via AgZaar)

☞ Co-branded Top Shelf Shatter c/o Dab Society Extracts http://dld.bz/fpcuF (via Instagram)

☞ Hifi Farms Raises Over $35k For Oregon House Democrats at Farm Fundraiser http://dld.bz/fpcv9

☞ Hifi Farms Joins Main Street Alliance of Oregon http://dld.bz/eXXwc

☞ 'Fun article (http://dld.bz/fpe38) c/o Portland Made' http://dld.bz/fpc8X (via Instagram)

☞ 'Rising Star: Sara Batterby Wants to Make Your Cannabis Clean' http://dld.bz/eZy2V (via Oregon Entrepreneurs Network)

☞ 'Come groove at Make & Mary & Hifi's holiday workshop' http://dld.bz/fpcKC (via Instagram)

☞ Hifi Farms Proud to Announce Alliance w/ the Welcome Home Coalition http://dld.bz/fmJgr

☞ 'Sometimes a notepad just won't cut it' http://dld.bz/fpe2b (via Instagram)

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