Vote Yes on Measure 99

HFfi Farms is proud to announce our official endorsement on Measure 99. Outdoor education has been an Oregon tradition for over 50 years—yet today less than half of all Oregon students have the opportunity to participate in outdoor education programs.

We know that Outdoor School helps kids learn better; develop leadership, critical thinking and social skills; and exposes them to the role of scientific inquiry and applied learning. It’s a proven success and the most economical and effective way to deliver these results.


Which is why the Outdoor School for All Ballot Measure Campaign Committee is working to secure and expand outdoor education throughout the state so that every Oregon student has the knowledge and perspectives to make responsible choices about our natural resources.

Measure 99's long-term goal is to integrate placed-based programs into the school system that build upon children's skills in hands-on science and their abilities to be effective stewards and leaders in their communities.

It’s time to say Yes: We want strong education for our children. We want a healthy economy. We believe supporting our state’s incredible natural resources and industries. Most importantly, we believe it’s essential to foster a love, respect and understanding of this amazing place we call Oregon.

Once and for all, and for the many benefits it offers our kids, our state and our future, let’s Save Outdoor School for All. Please pledge to Vote Yes on Measure 99.


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