Tobias Read For State Treasurer


HiFi Farms is proud to announce our endorsement of Tobias Read for State Treasurer. The pursuit of mitigating climate change is an issue of critical importance to Hifi Farms, and we are very impressed with candidate Read's campaign pledge to urge the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to require corporations that rely heavily on fossil fuels to disclose carbon-related investment risks.

This policy would result in additional corporate disclosure, giving Oregonians the chance to know the real costs associated with burning fossil fuels.

“Fossil fuels come with a cost, and Oregonians have the right to know that cost,” said Read. “I will collaborate with environmental, business, and regulatory stakeholders to push the SEC to require uniform disclosure of carbon-related risks to shareholders.”

As a State Representative, Tobias Read championed policies to shift Oregon away from reliance on coal-fired power plants and to invest in clean energy alternatives. During the 2015 legislative session, he was a chief sponsor of the “Coal to Clean” bill, which would have moved Oregon away from dirty, out-of-state coal plants by 2020.

Please consider the environment when you cast your vote this election.

Vote Tobias Read for State Treasurer.

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