HiFi Farms Joins the Main Street Alliance of Oregon


HiFi Farms is incredibly proud to have joined the Main Street Alliance of Oregon. About the Main Street Alliance of Oregon

The Main Street Alliance of Oregon (MSA OR) is a coalition of over 3400 small businesses across the state that brings forward the voices of real small business owners on key public policy issues. Founded in 2008 to ensure that small business owners had a voice in the effort to pass affordable health care policy, MSA OR has since adopted a “multi-issue” platform, and focuses on a portfolio of issues of interest to small business owners, including health care, retirement security, good government, tax fairness, job quality issues like earned sick time and minimum wage, and policies designed to generate economic prosperity in Oregon and other affiliate states.

Additionally MSA OR has a specific focus on developing women and minority-owned small business owners into leaders to bring forward their varied viewpoints and backgrounds of to the forefront of people’s minds in their own communities.

HiFi Farms looks forward to working with MSA OR on a host of issues, in keeping with our mission of thought leadership and community engagement. Businesses thrive when our communities thrive.