HiFi Farms CEO Sara Batterby Named to the Board of the Resource Innovation Institute

HiFi Farms is pleased to announce that CEO Sara Batterby has been named to the Resource Innovation Institute's Board of Directors.

RII is a group of Oregon-based energy industry professionals who desire to establish a standard for energy efficiency in cannabis production. Founding member and Executive Director Derek Smith is the former CEO of Clean Energy Works, which promoted competitive, market-based approaches to renewable energy/energy efficiency.

Other founding members include Board Chair Margi Hoffman, a former energy advisor to Governors Kitzhaber and Brown, Elizabeth Whalen, a former US Green Building Council member, and John Morris, CEO of energy efficiency outfit Morris Energy Consulting.

Sara joins the Board alongside other such distinguished members as Jesce Horton, Chair of the Minority Cannabis Business Association, and business attorney Alex Tinker of Tonkon Torp LLP.

Previously, HiFi Farms’ Cristian Koch was a featured panel guest at RII's 2016 Indoor Agriculture Energy Summit. Additionally at that summit, HiFi Farms had the honored distinction of being announced as RII's very first Founders Circle member.

A Clean Green Certified™ company, HiFi Farms strives to minimize its environmental footprint through ongoing development of industry best practices, including the use of organic soils, fertilizers, and LED lighting technology, waste reduction via the use of biodegradables and other recycled-content products, and participation in Pacific Power’s Blue Sky Renewable Energy program.