Yes For Affordable Homes


Hifi Farms is incredibly proud to announce our involvement with the Yes For Affordable Homes campaign, a bond measure which aims to fill the housing gap for those who cannot compete with rising rents. Working parents and seniors should be able to afford housing, and still have enough money for groceries and necessities – but our community’s skyrocketing rents are making that impossible for too many. Portland has a shortage of about 24,000 affordable homes and apartments for families and seniors making less than $37,000 per year.

On November 8, Portland voters will have a chance to vote YES for affordable housing, by approving a historic bond measure. If approved by voters, the affordable housing bond would raise to $258.4 million to build or acquire 1,300 affordable housing units in Portland, housing approximately 2,900 people each year.

Yes For Affordable Homes is a broad coalition of individuals and organizations working to support the affordable housing bond measure, and make Portland a place everyone can afford to call home.

Hifi Farms has been working behind the scenes for the campaign as lead ambassador to the Oregon cannabis industry, successfully bringing almost a dozen companies on as participants so far. Those companies include:

Hifi Farms thanks these amazing folks on behalf of Yes For Affordable Homes for their commitment to helping fill the affordable housing gap, creating safe housing for thousands of people who live and work in our community.

That said, the work has only begun! Please visit the YFAH page and sign up for how to get involved in this worthwhile effort.

And, of course, please donate here.