Please Join the Portland Chapter of Women Grow For Their August Signature Networking Event

Please join the Portland Chapter of Women Grow for our August Signature Networking event! The event will be held on Thursday, August 4, 2016 from 6-9pm at Ambridge Event Center (1333 NE MLK Jr. Blvd, Portland, Oregon 97232).

Tickets are available for purchase at Early bird ticket sales end this Sunday, 7/31/16 at 11:45pm. This event will fill up fast, so get your tickets while you can!

Special thanks to our event sponsor, Triminator for their continued support of our chapter! We will begin the evening with networking, followed by presentations from our sustaining sponsor speakers at MRX Labs, and Michelle Moore of Solexx greenhouses. As always we are very thankful to all of our sponsors for all their support because we truly could not do this without them!

For the program portion of the event, WGPDX co-chair, Ashley Preece-Sackett will be leading our networking panel focused on environmental impact and sustainable solutions for cannabis cultivation. She is co-founder of Cascadia Labs and holds a degree of Horticulture Science from Boise State University. She is on the brink of 2 decades of experience in horticulture sciences specializing in organic agriculture systems. She will introduce specialist Chris Van Hook, owner/founder of Clean Green Certified, Elizabeth Bennet, Assistant Professor, International Affairs and Director, Political Economy Program, at Lewis & Clark College, and Laura Rivero, Operations Manager at Yerba Buena to highlight and answer questions about the scope of sustainable and environmental cannabis cultivation.

This is going to be an outstanding program and we hope that anyone interested in sustainable cannabis cultivation will join us for this exciting event! We truly look forward to seeing you there!

Panelist Bios:

Chris Van Hook is a nationally recognized expert on agricultural regulations, organic farming and cannabis. He is both a USDA Accredited Organic Certifier as well as the Program Director of the Clean Green Certification Program, a Nationally-recognized cannabis certification program. The Clean Green Program has been featured on national Geographic as well as featured by the American Bar Association in the published book “Attorneys in Small Town America." Chris is now certifying both medical and recreational cannabis in California, Colorado, Oregon, Nevada and Washington. He is a frequent speaker at cannabis events and seminars.

Elizabeth Bennett is the Assistant Professor of International Affairs at the Director of the Political Economy Program at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. She is also a Research Associate at the Center for Fair and Alternative Trade (CFAT) at Colorado State University. She holds a PhD in Political Science from Brown University and a MALD in political economy and development. Her recent research on the demand for economically grown cannabis highlights the environmental issues at hand as well as the different options for eco-activities taking place. She emphasizes best practices of highly successful global sustainability standards like fair trade, and suggests cannabis should and will need to move in that direction.

Laura Day Rivero is the operations manager of Yerba Buena, a cannabis farm located on 29 acres of lush, fertile land at the base of Oregon’s coastal range. She graduated with a 4.0 from Northern Arizona University with a degree in Environmental Science with a focus on Sustainable Communities. Laura believes that farming comes with responsible and sustainable growing methods, earth friendly practices, and participation in the community. Her energetic, imaginative and highly skilled team are extraordinarily experienced horticulturists with intent on setting and maintaining consummate performance and quality standards that earn the loyalty of consumers and the industry. She is committed to leading with actions while continuously seeking to refine and improve our collective ecological approach to the Cannabis industry. She focuses on her three areas of sustainability; Plants, Company, and Community.

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