HiFi Farms Proud to Announce Collaboration With Portland Made

HiFi Farms is very proud to announce a new collaboration with Portland Made, an advocacy collective that focuses on the robust and inspiring Portland craft movement. It is our strong belief that as the cannabis industry in Oregon matures, championing the community spirit that has been cultivated thus far will be critical to its continued success.


No less an authority on the subject than Farma's Jeremy Plumb was recently quoted in a Yahoo Finance piece detailing "coming out of Prohibition-era cannabis" by saying, "one of the big changes that’s coming down the pike is the distinction between artisanally produced cannabis and commodity cannabis. In Oregon, you have a devotion to craft and artisanal production, and I believe that distinction will start to become more and more clear in the market."

"That’s the transition happening over the next five years that I’m most excited about," he concludes.

We couldn't agree more, and thus on July 27th, Hifi Farms and Portland Made co-sponsored its first Cannabis Maker's Happy Hour. Special thanks to the folks at Cannabis WholesalersDanodan Grassworks, Drip Ice Cream, East Fork Medicinals, GreenForce Staffing, Luminous BotanicalsSmuggle Portland, and Titrate as well as others for making last night such a worthwhile and promising success.

Extra special thanks to Kelley Roy and everybody at ADX Portland for hosting us at their incredible space.

If you are in the cannabis industry and would like to find out more information about our next event, please email us at info@hififarms.com.

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