Strain of the Month: Island Sweet Skunk

With so many strains in existence, it can be difficult for a cannabis connoisseur to know which ones provide a truly unique and excellent experience. At Hifi Farms we have carefully selected the finest, highest quality strains to be grown in our cutting edge cannabis cultivation facility just outside of Portland, Oregon.This month’s featured strain is Island Sweet Skunk (ISS).  


While ISS has been a favorite in the Pacific Northwest for decades, the lineage remains a mystery. Legend has it that it was was originally bred by Federation Seed Company on Vancouver Island in British Columbia and stems from a cross between an unknown sativa and the infamous Skunk #1 strain, (also known as Sweet Skunk). Thus, the moniker, Island Sweet Skunk was born.

The effects of this amazing flower are strongly energetic and cerebral. Citrus & tropical fruit flavors take the lead in her aroma. Grapefruits, lemons, & mangos all seem to fill up the room when she shows up. ISS plants grow tall with narrow leaves, and the loose, fluffy buds are covered with bright orange hairs and an excess of beautiful, sparkling trichomes.

You can find ISS at any of our partner dispensaries across the state of Oregon. And if your local dispensary doesn’t have it, tell them to contact us and get it!