Diversity in Cannabis, and the MCBA

Hifi Farms was proud to participate in the Minority Cannabis Business Association's inaugural networking rally at the Portland Public House last Saturday. Hifi CEO & President Sara Batterby gave a rousing presentation on candidate hiring in the cannabis space. Sara explained that the absolute most important qualities a candidate must possess are persistence, a positive attitude, and a learning mindset. "In an industry like this, your degree- or lack thereof- is not nearly as important as the value you can add. Be prepared to work hard and contribute to the team," Batterby advised.

Sara also expressed the importance of cannabis companies diversifying their management teams if they want to compete in today's marketplace. She expressed that diversity is not just a talking point, but rather that, "The data shows that companies that value diversity and hire candidates with diverse backgrounds and experiences perform better than companies that don't."

Special thanks to the MCBA for inviting us and for producing such an outstanding event - we look forward to the next one! If you'd like to join or otherwise contribute to the MCBA, please be sure to visit theirwebsite.

And thank you to all the attendees and sponsors who make these events possible. Together, we can make this industry better.