HiFi Farms Names The Meriwether Group as Business Advisor

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PORTLAND, Ore. — May, 2016

The Meriwether Group (MWG) announces its entrance into the cannabis marketplace by partnering with Hifi Farms, an Oregon-based Clean Green Certified™ craft cannabis cultivation company. This joint business venture is a bold move that highlights both companies’ roles as entrepreneurial leaders in this new and rapidly expanding marketplace. The partnership also solidifies their joint commitment to building a thriving industry that is both environmentally and financially sustainable.

While MWG has been successful with iconic brands in the apparel, food & beverage, and outdoor markets, this is a new vertical for the company. David Howitt, Founder & CEO of MWG, said it is in the company’s DNA to advise and accelerate authentic and disruptive brands and businesses. “We are standing at the threshold of a groundbreaking new industry and have the ability to define what it means to be best in class in this arena," Howitt states. “This industry comes with new consumer groups, and so requires the same blend of analytics, artistry, intuition, and intelligence that we have implemented with Oregon wine, coffee, craft beer, and tea.”

President and CEO of HiFi, Sara Batterby, explains that as marijuana laws are changing, new potential markets for selling cannabis are expanding. “After a year of rule making, Oregon has settled on the best and most business friendly regulations in the US for adult-use cannabis,” states Batterby. “A new market for an incredible array of products will open up this year, and I believe that those who succeed in Oregon will be positioned to lead this industry on a national level as the federal laws evolve.”

HiFi is committed to expanding on their 25 years of collective cannabis experience to augment this new industry in a sustainable, environmentally conscious, and profitable way. As a Clean Green Certified™ company, Hifi Farms utilizes organic fertilizers for cultivation and essential oils for pest management. They filter out water impurities and power their operation with 100 percent renewable energy via the Blue Sky program from Pacific Power.

Batterby declares that HiFi has been absolutely committed to sustainability and social responsibility from the outset. “We set a high bar for ourselves, which has meant more time, money and effort invested on the front end,” Batterby said. “However, we believe that energy conservation and environmental responsibility are critical, and will be rewarded with lower production costs and stronger customer loyalty.”

Locking arms with MWG, Hifi aims to be the industry leader in the craft cannabis market. “MWG represents the perfect partnership for Hifi,” Batterby said. “Startups need to carefully prioritize precious investor dollars, and MWG’s visionary model of combining funding with hands on operational support allows us to effectively manage resources at this early stage in our growth. Our team is so excited to be working with this group and our investors could not be happier.”

HiFi Farms: Based in Hillsboro, Oregon, HiFi Farms is a Clean Green Certified™ craft cannabis cultivation company. It was founded by four friends who combined their passions for music, sustainability and organics, and set about designing a conscious cultivation model that produces high quality, clean cannabis while lessening its impact on the environment.

The Meriwether Group: Is a trusted business advisor to iconic brands. Headed by seasoned senior executives, entrepreneurs and founders, they bring decades of hands-on operational experience from brands including, Nike and Adidas. MWG helps grow businesses and connect entrepreneurs with growth capital. They have a unique ability to efficiently accelerate strategy and outcomes in a brand-centric and relevant way. The Meriwether Group knows that the heart and soul of any business is the founder's vision and the firm is committed to looking through the eyes of the founder and guiding them to manifest the brand's destiny. For more information visit: www.meriwethergroup.com