Justin Townes Earle | Live At HiFi Farms

The weather gods were smiling so completely on HiFi Farms, Oregon’s Cannabis Concierge (OCC), and Justin Townes Earle for the evening of Justin’s performance at the McCormick Mansion that, despite being Portland in late February, we kept the heat off and the doors open. We don’t mind sharing with the neighbors! (My cool neighbors were in attendance anyway.)

OCC mastermind Josh Taylor’s deep and longstanding friendship with Justin was HiFi’s entryway* to having his incredible song craft and musicianship honor my living room. Justin mixed murder ballads, country blues covers, and even a Fleetwood Mac tune alongside original material, keeping the sold out audience rapt for his entire 90-minute set. His specific brand of onstage banter- which blended oddball humor, punk rock pathos, and southern decorousness- only elevated the performance that much more.

In short, it was, the general consensus agrees, the best event HiFi Farms has done yet.


*Special thanks to the aforementioned Mr. Taylor. He is a truly the secret weapon of the Live at HiFi Farms events.

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