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about hifi farms

The term "High-Fidelity" was originally a term coined to describe innovations in the recording of music. 

Being music lovers, we adopted the name not just because of our record-playing passions, but also to refer to our "higher" ideals concerning cultivation practices.

HiFi Farms About Cannabis

HiFi Farms was founded in 2014... 

...when four friends combined their passions for cannabis cultivation, start-ups, adventure, creativity, and music to form a one-of-a-kind cannabis company out of a humble house in North Portland.

HiFi Farms has since transformed into a much larger team, all working together on a much larger operation: a 50 acre custom retrofitted farm just west of Portland.

At HiFi, we believe that the welfare of our employees and our community are just as important as the welfare our plants.

That’s why in addition to employing natural, sustainable cultivation methods, we pay our employees a living wage and offer full time employees ownership in the company. We also raise thousands for local non-profits.



At HiFi Farms, we produce Clean Green Certified™ cannabis flower using exclusively organic, living inputs. That means our growing methods meet or exceed the standards set by the National Organic Program.

Additionally, in our indoor facility we use LED lighting technology courtesy of Fluence Bioengineering, dramatically reducing the size of our carbon footprint compared to a standard cannabis production site.

All of this together makes HiFi Farms home to some of the happiest and healthiest cannabis plants in Oregon.