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The term "High-Fidelity" was originally a term coined to describe new innovations in the recording of music. Being music lovers, we adopted the idea not just due to our record-playing passion, but also in attempt to refer to a "higher" idea, of making a commitment and being faithful to an ethos of being responsible and clean stewards for this earth we all share, and playing our part as best we can in this emerging cannabis industry. 

HiFi Farms About Cannabis

HiFi Farms was founded in 2014... 

...when four friends combined their passions for cannabis cultivation, start-ups, adventure, creativity, and music to form a one-of-a-kind cannabis company in a small house in Portland. Since that day, HiFi Farms has grown and transformed into a much larger team, all working together on a 50 acre farm in rural Hillsboro. We are constantly striving to create some of the best tasting flowers in the state, but we still remember to have fun along the way.  Starting everyone at a living wage and giving all full-time employees ownership in the company, we are celebrating diversity, encouraging creativity, exploring technological innovation, and basically attempting to build the type of company that we would all work at for free!




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