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HiFi Farms is a Clean Green Certified™ cannabis farm devoted to all things high fidelity, whether it be cultivating our flowers with an organic and living method, or by celebrating our love of music and the arts- the creative expressions that make life worth living.

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Once loftily named "The Coolest Cannabis Farm in Oregon," by Esquire Magazine, HiFi Farms is situated thirty minutes west of Portland, Oregon on 50 acres of beautiful countryside. Originally built in 1941 as a dairy farm, our land is now an employee-owned and operated cannabis farm, and is home to some of the happiest cannabis plants in Oregon.


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At HiFi Farms, we produce Clean Green Certified™ cannabis flower using exclusively organic, living inputs. That means our growing methods meet or exceed the standards set by the National Organic Program. We are constantly trying to improve upon our connection to the land, and enjoy planting and planning based upon the biodynamic calendar. The moon is calling the shots around here.


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